Yes, payment for the domain name and trademark registration takes place only after the project is successful and positive cash-flow is being generated.

No, it can be in-kind. Such as a few shares in the project company instead of monetary payment; or by way of barter arrangement – the products being offered by the project company. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to reach success.

Yes, we certainly offer such support, whenever requested – including duly securing intellectual property rights, as well as structuring transactions with key counterparties.

You’ve looked through all the brand names listed on the BrandIsBorn website, but still having doubts as to which name to select? Our experts can offer professional branding advice in order to make optimized selection aimed at maximum brandability. By the way, is it also possible to acquire a name, which is not currently in the BrandIsBorn portfolio; it can be newly/specially procured for a deserving project